Software Thoughts

I usually write my own notes when I learn about software. I find that expressing your understanding of a subject in your own words enhances your understanding and makes you think about issues that you could easily have missed. I have created a lot of notes over the years using many resources. I will publish some of these notes here in the hope that they may be of help to some of you out there!

Domain Driven Design, MVC & Entity Framework

I have put quite a bit of effort recently in learning DDD and Entity Framework 5. I think that despite what some people say out there it is not that hard to apply even in small projects and benefit from it. This document shows you how. HTML or PDF

Resource Clean Up in .NET

It can be surprisingly confusing to get a clear idea of all the facts and options regarding resource clean up in .NET and how to use it in N-Tier web applications with your data access or other classes. In this document I attempt to provide an overview of the garbage collection, the Dispose pattern and how you can practically use it in an MVC application. HTML or PDF

Test Driven Development

This is a document I prepared when i was working for the Monarch Travel Group trying to address some of the issues of successfully adopting TDD. PDF

SQL Basics, Normalization and Clustered & NonClustered keys

This document is a summary of the most commonly used features of SQL. It ends with all you need to know about Normalization and goes on to describe some internals of how Indexes work and how to use them effectibely. PDF

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